May Hamdy Barr

May Hamdy Barr, an Egyptian American activist, who worked for years in media, marketing and advertising in the Middle East. In addition, May was a news anchor at the Iraqi Satellite channel, Al-Baghdadia. During the time she lived in Egypt, May took an active part in the streets participating in the Egyptian revolution in 2011, which resulted in the over throw of the tyrant president at the time, Mubarak . She became a public speaker after moving to US, and was invited to be a part of numerous prestigious events, including the World Media Summit in NY. May has also established her own YouTube channel, in an attempt to build bridges between the Arabic and American cultures, answering all misconceptions and fixing stereotypes. The fact that she lived in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, England and USA has given her a wider perspective and understanding of global and domestic events. Surviving a revolution, being a kid stuck in the middle of the Desert Storm war and growing up in such a politically charged atmosphere in the Middle East have all been reasons for May to understand the impact of politics in our everyday life and be more compassionate about human rights.