Robin Gause

Robin Gause is from the Burgess area of Myrtle Beach, is married to Samuel Gause, and between them have 6 children. Robin has been in the medical profession for the last 20 years as a Doula, Midwife Apprentice, and Child Birth and Lactation Educator. She has since started a non-profit call USDI Baby Village, which provide services to pregnant women and babies.

For the past 12 years Robin has been a community activist working in her community in different capacities, such as executive director of Rahabs House that was once a women’s shelter in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

She is active on several boards, such as Waccamaw Housing, Vice President of the Myrle Beach NAACP, and the Phoenix Renaissance Foundation. She believes in equality for all, higher wages for all, and health care for all.

Robin was past candidate for Horry County Council in 2016, and is the current candidate for House of Representatives seat 106. Her platform that she will be running on is: Gun reform and better background checks, higher wages for working-class families, and health care for all with single payer health insurance.

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