Gwendolyn Reed

My name is Gwendolyn Reed. I am a wife, mother, educator, business owner and all things I choose to be. I never chose to be a 2 time gun violence survivor (losing my father and sister to gun violence changed my life but being a victim of childhood sexual assault also shaped my life). Despite the many plights I have endured I choose to be a voice for the voiceless. I am a Survivor Engagement Lead ( SEL) for Everytown Gun Safety the largest gun prevention organization in the USA. And author of ” A Dollar & Candy Bar ” a book of how childhood molestation effected my self worth and every decision I made in the past and still do at times. I am also the founder of Ebony’s Hope, bringing awareness to domestic violence. Most importantly I am a humanitarian who believes it is my duty to educate, empower and inspire my fellow man about current issues we are facing as a community, state and nation. It is my hope that my voice would be heard by someone, anyone, so that they may find the hope & courage to press forth.

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